Holistic Fiscal Strategies Inc.

9-3151 Lakeshore Road, Box 417 Kelowna BC V1W 3S9

We are different

Our goal is to not only provide proven strategies, but also to help clients build healthy and productive relationships with money. We help clients improve the use, understanding, and enjoyment of money.

Process: We carefully review our client’s financial situation and then recommend appropriate strategies that are consistent with the client’s objectives. With the client’s approval of recommendations, we then consolidate, diversify and manage. We review the portfolio on a regular basis, re-balance when necessary, and give advice during life changes.

Technology: At the core of our analysis is our state of the art simulation software which produces Personal Financial Movies™. It allows us to view, coordinate, verify and compare all aspects of your financial life with you on one screen.


David A. Demeyere, founder and president of Holistic Fiscal Strategies Inc, has 25 years of experience in business management and finance focusing on strategies that help families and business owners win the financial game of life. David is one of the 5000 Leap Licensees in North America.

It is important to David and his teams that they make a difference in people’s lives and help them live the dreams they have imagined. He wants to teach his clients what’s going on in the financial services industry so then once they understand the strategies used by these institutions; they will know what to do.

David using the LEAP SYSTEM®will analyze family and business financial situations, identify areas of potential improvement, and financially engineer processes which could possibly create significant additional wealth for his clients. Moreover, his solutions provide clients the ability to spend more of their wealth throughout their lives, achieve their wants and dreams, and yet preserve significant wealth in their estates. And most importantly, his goal is to achieve these results with no additional out-of pocket outlay to clients.

The LEAP SYSTEM®empowers you to take full control and overcome the complexity of the financial world by providing easy to understand, easy to follow, and easy to implement financial models and strategies. LEAP SYSTEMS has been approved for accuracy by leading actuaries, attorneys and accountants.